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I know that you're all asking yourselves, "What is Sara reading right now?" So, I will tell you. I usually have one or two books going as well as something on audio. I will keep you updated on what I’m currently whiling away my hours with. 

Chaos Coreography

Seanan McGuire
Published: March 1, 2016 

Virginia, our Penguin sales rep, became one of my favorite people when a packaged arrived at Little Professor. This package contained an ARC of the fifth InCryptid novel, Chaos Choreography. I did a little happy dance around the store, clutching the book to my chest. And then I went home and devoured it. For everyone else, it comes out March 1. I will pick it up on audio at release and listen to it immediately. So far, four is the average number of times I have read/listened to any of the InCryptid books. So, you could say, I like these.

Chaos Choreography opens with Verity happily married to Dominic, the ex-Covanant boy and somewhat happily living in her parents’ house with him. All of that is thrown into chaos when she gets a message on an old email address inviting her to a reunion season of Dance or Die, the television show she almost won with her alter ego, Valerie Pryor. But it would be insanely dangerous for her to go on national television now that the Prices are back on the Covenant’s radar. Right?

So, of course, she goes with Dominic and a splinter colony of Aeslin mice in tow. But now Verity has to slip back into a persona she hasn’t used in over a year. Valerie isn’t such a good fit anymore and dancing isn’t the only thing she wants to do with her life. Which is why, when two of the eliminated dancers turn up murdered and then the bodies mysteriously vanish before anyone notices, Verity is absolutely ready to backburner Valerie in order to deal with the latest supernatural threat.

It’s not difficult to get me to love a book by Seanan McGuire. She pretty much just has to write it and make it available for me to get. But I especially adore Verity. She got under my skin with her first book and pretty much stayed there. I love Alex and I’m looking forward to finding out more about Antimony, but Verity is my first love. And this is Verity getting to do what she loves, fight monsters and dance the sort of tango that could set your panties on fire.

This book has the emotional hit that Midnight Blue-Light Special did while keeping everything that has always made this series great. We also get introduced to a few new cryptids and another member of the Price family. As always, family with the Prices is something… special..

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) 

Felicia Day

Published: Touchstone, 2015.

Felicia Day, Queen of the Geeks.

Or, slightly awkward nerd girl you think would probably be a pretty good friend, but you might have to calm her down a bunch, but still probably cool.

I discovered Felicia Day in a round about way. I knew that The Guild was a thing, but I’d never seen it. I didn’t play MMOs, so that obviously wasn’t for me. (Also, I’m really uncomfortable with awkward humor.)

I knew she’d done guest spots on shows I was aware of, but always after I stopped watching them (Buffy, Season 7 anyone?) But then, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog happened and I now knew Felicia Day and I cared about her. Luckily, she had a backlog of stuff on the internet for me to consume. For free.

And now, a memoir, so I can find out more than I ever should have wanted to know about the origin story of Felicia Day.

I don’t read that many memoirs. At the end of the day, unless you’re really unusual, I just don’t care that much about your life. I’m sorry! I’m sure you’re really nice, but “slice of life” stories kind of bore me. However, exceptions can be made for certain people (usually women) I admire. Or, if you did something really, really awesome like Julia Child being a spy during WWII.

Felicia’s life story is pretty interesting in a quirky and awkward way. She didn’t have a background like mine, but I could see hers from here. I wasn’t homeschooled, mostly because my mom had to work full time and she was worried I’d become a shut in. But I thought it would be awesome. I didn’t get big on the early internet because we couldn’t afford the hourly rates and by the time AOL discs with 500 free hours started to liter the landscape, I was at boarding school with no dialup access. And I was NEVER going to be a musical prodigy. I just wasn’t that good at anything except reading. But, I can still identify with lots of the things Felicia talks about in her book. Feeling lost the first time she went to a dance and was WAY overdressed. Being put into ALL the lessons because her mom didn’t really know what to do with her. Retreating into fantasy worlds because real life was difficult. I had books, she had video games. And Perry Mason books. Apparently. 

I listened to the audio version of the book, read by Felicia, which was fun, but a little bit weird if you’ve heard her talk a bunch. Her cadence is different when she’s reading the book than when she’s recording a vlog, so that threw me just a little. It’s not bad, just different.

The book is charming if you’re willing to be charmed and frank about the difficulties she’s had growing up in an unusual way and then issues she had due to the pressure of success as well as illness. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has those “please love me” thoughts every time I meet a new person or put something I did out into the world. If someone like Felicia Day can have them, then maybe it’s ok that I do too. After all, she’s the Queen of the Geeks.


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